About the Session

Presenter: Michael Hakkarinen, FCPS Technology Services Teacher Specialist
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The Google Internet search engine has gone Web 2.0. No longer just a way to find info online, Google now has easy-to­use applications to help you organize and share that info. From creating your own Google Web site with Google PageCreator to organizing your life with Google Calendar, you can do almost anything with Google. Learn to organize an iGoogle start page, share documents using Google Docs, take a Google Earth trip around the world and even explore the universe with Google Sky!


This presentation will be conducted entirely with resources from my site: http://www.variantcube.com/hakkarinen
To access the "Get Going with Google" presentation click on "Online Tutorials", then "Get Going with Google".
Here you will find a menu with 10 easy to follow steps from "Searching Smarter" to touring the planet in Google Earth.