About the Session

Heather McCarthy, FCPS technology resource teacher; Timothy Newcome, Brunswick High English teacher

Teacher leaders recognize that technology is an essential component of teaching and learning. Today’s teacher and student researchers are trading the old standard note-card process for recording their research online. Find out how to launch a blog (short for Web log) that makes it easier to keep track of research notes

Session Broadcast Part 1

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Examples and Purposes for Wikispaces:

Examples and Purposes for Blogs:

Wikispaces Hands-on

Register for a free, ad free Wikispace account http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers
Follow along to set up a Wikispace for use with students

Edublogs Hands-on

Register for a free Edublog account http://edublogs.org/
Follow along to set up a Edublog for use with students


Compare and Contrast Wikis and Blogs

Will you use wikispaces or edublogs? How?

Edublogs - interactive journal
Wikispaces/Edublogs - classroom newsletter
Wikispaces - Political Science project
Edublogs - RSS feeds, current blogs



Wikis in Plain English:

Blogs in Plain English: